QR Code

A quick response code, also known as a QR Code, is a form of a barcode that is gaining recent popularity in the marketing, networking and advertising space. In comparison to the conventional linear barcode, it core benefit is the fact that it stores more information in lesser space.

The reason why QR codes are receiving so much attention is because of its capabilities of being linked to URLs directly. This bar-coding technology is able to easily incorporate social media capabilities, custom landing pages and also possesses abilities store text based information such as mailing addresses. A large of number of brands are now choosing to exploit the potential that QR codes present to fill the gap between offline marketing platforms with the internet world where all the action is taking place.

The fact that these codes can be easily scanned by almost all iPhones, Androids or other camera enabled smart phones which integrated barcode scanning applications, allow marketers to captivate audiences with dynamic engagement strategies.

Marketing and sales experts recommend that businesses to take advantage of this technology by incorporating it in some of the following platforms:

QR Code
Print medium:

QR Codes are easily scannable if printed in a news paper where the person scanning the code can reach the wapsite of the advertiser. Very effective tool to for online form filling, lead generation and also to understand the ad impact which eventually will lead to sales.

QR Codes

These codes can be scanned from the website also and in turn lead to the wapsite, which are readable on all mobile handsets

Wapsite Development Services

Qr Codes direct you to the Wapsite ( Website for Mobile ) for instant lead generation or passing information to the viewer regarding the products and services of your company.

QR Codes
Business Cards:

This is in an interesting space to position a QR code which can enable your potential clients and business associates to scan the card and easily add you to their phone contacts.

Quick Response Codes
Product Packaging:

You can use the codes as an effective source of information for buyers of your products. Incorporating it on the packaging of your products can help provide vital information such as customer care contact details, user manuals and other such information that you believe is vital for the consumer.

Quick Response Codes
Direct Marketing and In-Shop Print Advertising:

The quick response codes when printed to your marketing communications via print advertisements, mass mails or email signatures can help drive traffic and a consequent fan following to your social networking profiles on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin.

You can also take advantage of this system to share product videos, spec sheets, and other such information with prospective clients.

QR Code
Effective Event Management:

Believe it or not, if you get creative, you can find a number of other uses of QR code in areas such as event execution, where you can print them on tickets or invites of your event, and linking them to Google maps, RSVP pages and all other event related material that you would like to communicate to your attendees.