Indoor Media

Strikeone Advertising was established with main an aim of fulfilling its customers demand at any cost. For this, it tries its level best and now it is taking few more steps ahead for sponsorship and advertising. Strikeone dole out as a podium from where people can see and escort its company to promote.

We capture our consumer's attention through strategically placed indoor advertisements, placing advertising frames where they are guaranteed to be seen and examined.

It includes wireless system design, consulting and installation service for hosting and designing.

Indoor marketing gives sanction to the basic and crucial products and services for targeted locations. For increasing the brand awareness and responsiveness, there is an undeniably augmentation in the indoor activities (related to advertising) that is helping in promoting the brand and its respective company. Most of the indoor marketing tools which is being provided by our company are highly manageable, trouble-free to install and easy for accessing. Some experts of our company say that further rumor, indoor advertising represent many customers more than on-line advertising does.

Some of the indoor media are exhibition stands, point of sales & point of purchase displays, displays/roll ups, digital mirrors, and place mats with classified ads, screen/video ads and digital banners.