Email Marketing Services

There is no better way to support your web promotions investments and inform your audiences about your products, services and promotions; than by taking on email marketing services.

We at Strikeone offer comprehensive internet marketing services and are specifically popular for our comprehensive mass emailing strategies that are one notch ahead of any conventional email marketing company that may or may not be equipped with support web promotional tools.

We help our companies promote their business to large audiences. Our superior infrastructure provides mass mailing support to clients and additionally empowering them with tools that help manage mailing lists, responses, and leads effectively.

Mass mailing can prove to be an effective model for those who wish to promote their businesses. We provide cost-effective solutions using the best IT infrastructure that guarantees maximum accuracy and easy management of your bulk emailing initiative.

Our high-end system provides vital information in the form of statistics for your entire campaign that further help you in taking accurate marketing decisions. Our range of services includes:

  • Print ad design, print advertisements, and media planning and buying
  • Advertising design, print ad design, insert advertising
  • Print ad design

We have the resources to handle your print ad design, media planning contracts for newspapers, magazines and get you the best available pricing on your print ads.