Digital Video Walls

Many of the big demanding organisations rely on Strikeone Advertising for their display solutions. We provide a wide range of display solutions which are very high in quality and are preferred by our prestigious clients.

Our professionals have taken great care to create software that allows digital walls to start in minutes and achieve high-end results in just a short amount of time. Innovative features such as automatic brightness adjustment and automatic colour balancing provides you with a continuous high quality digital video wall.

We offers customized solutions of full colour and high quality outdoor and Indoor LCD digital video walls for sports, events & entertainment, branding, architecture, public information purposes, airports, etc. The monitors can be of any form of current display technology, from CRT (Cathode Ray Tubes), to LED and plasma displays.

Strikeone Advertising offers all the latest large screen panel display technologies along with the software and networking components to construct a complete electronic signage system.